In the stiff competitive market among the numerous Manpower Recruiting Agencies in Nepal, we have established as one of the leading Manpower Recruiting Agencies with a long series of experience and aptitude to select the right man in the right place and supplying them abroad in right time. EVE NEPAL OVERSEAS PVT. LTD., as a trustworthy manpower recruiting agency, has been established under the company Act 2063.

However, the agency (Organization) is newly established, we (its founders) have been reinforced by long experience as employee from all over the countries like Israel, Poland, Romania, Qatar, UAE, Cyprus, Malaysia, Kuwait etc.

EVE NEPAL OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. WAS subjected to a major overhaul in 2011 headed by Mr. Shrestha. It was during his stewardship when business strategies were designed to cater to the increasing manpower demand of industries brought about by massive globalizations.

Participation in flourishing and emerging markets was pursued more vigorously as compared to previous lone market concentration for only a particular worker’s sub-industry sector. The current trend in labor out-migration necessitated the company to become versatile in its desire to service the requirements of companies and industrial plants belonging to practically all major industries worldwide be it in construction and engineering; oil and gas; care giving services; information technology; health; Factory and allied services; etc.

To be globally competitive, it has likewise become imperative for the company to devise a manpower data bank, which consists of a list of candidates in different fields of specialization who are readily available for deployment on the “beck and call” of foreign employers. The manpower inventory is an offshoot of the continuous screening of technical experts in different industry classifications commissioned by the company to ensure that those who are included in the list really possess the competence and the proficiency in their individual assumed trade/skills. With this current capability, it can now provide any foreign client with timely access to qualified Nepalese Personnel while ensuring full compliance with the rules and regulation government overseas recruitment. This is our vital asset, which we humbly offer to you.